MotelFamous was a project originally created in 2007-2008 with two school friends, Tom and Ryan. Originally it was just a Piczo site but I remember getting the highest popularity banner in just under a month, the project blew up in popularity however it never came to be. Before the project died, around 2009, MotelFamous was a pop trend for Habbo players and came complete with it's own custom search engine, IE7 toolbar (remember those?!), active forums, a blog, a .TK domain and graphics designers. However, due to the nature of Habbo retros becoming quickly hunted down and smited by Sulake, also with the fact that the only survivable retros ran on home machines through Hamachi, I felt it would be better to abandon the project rather than face some sort of criminality charge at the mere age of 10 years old.

I can vaguely remember reviving the project sometime around 2011 but by then the fanbase was long gone. I've searched the internet for as much information as I could and luckily enough there are archives of the project, both in it's Piczo state and custom Webs layout.