Liberation Group Gaming was a SAMP RP community originally created in 2012 as Legendary Generation Gaming, by Ryan Sheilds and Jason Loco. During the period where the admins of NGG would continuously ban anyone named Bluman for petty reasons, I teamed up with Sheilds and Loco to create a community that actually treated players like players, and so we revamped to Liberation Group Gaming around October 2012.

The community had a decent enough launch and I was originally brought along as a Game Admin and Faction Management. I implemented a military theme to the server, yet tried to keep it as realistic as possible. Around December 2012 I was inducted into Management and assigned as the Head of Web Development and Graphics Design. During my tenure I brought a unique feel to the forums and opened many possibilities with user interaction such as custom vBulletin PHP variables. The majority of the graphics, themes and designs seen around LGG was purely my own and I implemented one of the first user control panels to merge in-game stats, staff and faction abilities all in one integration.

Sometime around mid-2013 a very trusted administrator removed mine, Loco's and Sheilds' powers and literally performed a coup d'etat on the community. To this day, we're not sure who was helping them or why but I do know one thing - the server didn't last more than two months. Afterwards, I returned to NGG and more or less forgot LGG even existed.