Welcome to BLUMAN.net! This is still a work in progress but definitely a step up from the last version which was far from dynamic. I've decided to follow a generic layout that resembles Bootstrap, without using Bootstrap or any other content delivery network. The page's various layouts all depend on the device you're using, screen width and occasionally the visible theme will change according to the time of day or during a particular season/event in the year.

To find the majority of my work you just need to scroll further down the page. My work consists of graphics, development, moderation and administration over the span of 12~ years.
MotelFamous was a project originally created in 2007-2008 with two school friends, Tom and Ryan. Originally it was just a Piczo site but I remember it gaining the highest available popularity banner in just under a month, although the project itself never came to be. Before the project died, around 2009, MotelFamous was a pop trend for Habbo players and came complete with it's own custom search engine, IE7 toolbar, active forums, a blog, a .TK domain and dedicated graphics designers. However, due to the nature of Habbo retros becoming quickly hunted down and smited by Sulake, along with the fact that the only survivable retros ran on home machines through Hamachi, I felt it would be better to abandon the project rather than face some sort of criminality charge at the age of 10 years old.

I vaguely remember reviving the project sometime around 2010 but by then the fanbase was long gone. I've searched the internet for as much information as I could find and luckily enough there are archives of the project, both in it's Piczo state and custom Webs layout.
Click here if you wish to view the original website.
NOTE: Not everything will be viewable or interactive.

Check back later.

Check back later.

Liberation Group Gaming was a SAMP RP community originally created in 2012 as Legendary Generation Gaming, by Ryan Shields and Jason Loco. During the period where the admins of NGG would continuously ban anyone named Bluman for petty reasons, I teamed up with Shields and Loco to create a community that actually treated players like players, and so we revamped to Liberation Group Gaming around October 2012.

The community had a decent enough launch and I was originally brought along as a Game Admin and Faction Management. I implemented a realistic military theme to the server, yet tried to tie it in with the real-life aspects as much as possible. Around December 2012 I was inducted into Management and assigned as the Head of Web Development and Graphics Design. During my tenure I brought a unique feel to the forums and opened many possibilities with user interaction such as custom vBulletin PHP variables. The majority of the graphics, themes and designs seen around LGG was purely my own and I implemented one of the first user control panels to merge in-game stats, staff and faction abilities all in one integration.

Sometime in mid-2013 a very trusted administrator removed mine, Loco's and Shields' powers and literally performed a coup d'etat on the community. To this day, we're not sure who was really helping them or why but I do know one thing - the server didn't last more than two months. Afterwards, I returned to NGG and more or less forgot LGG even existed.

Paragon Roleplay is an upcoming server currently being developed by the original founder of FiveRP, Ari. The server uses the RageMP multiplayer modification for GTA5 and is expected to release with an abundence of features not previously seen before on GTA5 modifications, such as in-depth furniture systems and pets that won't burn a hole in your pocket. The project I created was just out of pure boredom and only intends to be a splash page to advertise or show-off the server.
Click here to visit the page.
Medieval Roleplay is an up-coming server built from the ground up by a good friend of mine known as Dignity. Although I haven't taken an official role in the development of the server I have helped out here and there with resources and graphics. The header you see on their forums, along with the forum software, were both created and sourced by myself. Additionally, I'm in the process of creating an unofficial user control panel for all accounts related to the server that will be packed with features, as well as an eye-catching website front page. Feel free to click the links below and browse for yourself:
(WIP) Website
(WIP) UserPanel
The v1 layout was the first one used under the BLUMAN.net name and domain. I wanted something fairly quick to make that had easy enough Javascript elements such as the inline-load and colour changer. I personally liked the layout but it was just screaming 2010 from everywhere. The layout was clunky and wasn't optimised well for mobile devices. In the end I decided to revamp the whole site for Halloween and then changed it to a standard red/black layout that works well with every device and resolution.
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PlanetSport is an upcoming project I thought of while twiddling my thumbs at work. Although it's probably been replicated a couple hundred/thousands of times, I thought it would be fun nonetheless. This would be a great project for me to get hands on with and I'll be utilising ancient practices (all the way back to 2010!) to spice it up, including numerous RSS feeds being sent back and forth for everything sports related; a marquee news ticker underneath the navigation bar; sub-headers relevant to each respective sport and it's very own community.

Everything will be built up from the ground and will be the first time I properly work on an advanced user system which will, in turn, include staff ranks and cool features such as personal banners and images when commenting or interacting with other users.
Click here to visit the PlanetSport project.