Welcome to BLUMAN.net! This is still a work in progress but definitely a step up from the last version which was far from dynamic. I've decided to follow a generic layout that resembles Bootstrap, without using Bootstrap or any other content delivery network. The page's various layouts all depend on the device you're using, screen width and occasionally the visible theme will change automatically according to the time of day or during a particular season/event in the year.

About Me
I've been roped into graphics and development for as long as I can remember. Starting out with creating custom Bebo skins in MS Paint and personalising Piczo pages, I stumbled across code development when I was still in primary school playing various games. I knew how to properly configure forums and create basic pages when I was around 10 years old or younger, however as I got older I slowed down with it.

Bluman & FidGFX
All the content and graphics you can see here and elsewhere are created solely by me, with the exception of a few obvious things (avatars and other stock images), which have been sourced from Google. Each page expands and collapses accordingly and I've added thumbnails to most of the projects I could fish out or still have lingering around. Each section (projects, scripts, graphics) utilises scripts which populates them with the respective content. Every element (expanding divs, titles, status, text, links, images etc) are built automatically on every page load.

MotelFamous was a project originally created in 2007-2008 with two school friends, Tom and Ryan. Originally it was just a Piczo site but I remember it gaining the highest available popularity banner in just under a month, although the project itself never came to be. Before the project died, around 2009, MotelFamous was a pop trend for Habbo players and came complete with it's own custom search engine, IE7 toolbar, active forums, a blog, a .TK domain and dedicated graphics designers. However, due to the nature of popularity in retros dropping, along with the fact that the only survivable retros ran on home machines through Hamachi, I felt it would be better to abandon the project rather than keep it up.


Check back later.

Liberation Group Gaming was a SAMP RP community originally created in 2012 as Legendary Generation Gaming, by Ryan Shields and Jason Loco. The community had a decent enough launch and I was originally brought along as a Game Admin and Faction Management. Around December 2012 I was inducted into Management and assigned as the Head of Web Development and Graphics Design. During my tenure I brought a unique feel to the forums and opened many possibilities with user interaction such as custom vBulletin PHP variables. The majority of the graphics, themes and designs seen around LGG was purely my own and I implemented one of the first user control panels to merge in-game stats, staff and faction abilities all in one integration.

Sometime in mid-2013 a very trusted administrator removed mine, Loco's and Shields' powers and literally performed a coup d'etat on the community. To this day, we're not sure who was really helping them or why but I do know one thing - the server didn't last more than two months.

Millennium Gaming was a pitch I came up with while talking to Brian and a few other members of The Asylum Hangout community. The server was to be created from scratch and the script was being worked on tirelessly but due to the geographics of the staff (me being in England, James in the USA and Aaron/Brian being in Australia) made it very hard to cooperate and with James and Brian having commitments elsewhere, the project was put on hold indefinitely.



Paragon RP
Paragon RP is an upcoming server currently being developed by the original founder of FiveRP, Ari. The server uses the RageMP multiplayer modification for GTA5 and is expected to release with an abundence of features not previously seen before on GTA5 modifications, such as in-depth furniture systems and pets that won't burn a hole in your pocket. The project I created was just out of pure boredom and only intends to be a splash page to advertise or show-off the server.

Click here to visit the page.

29/01/19: Paragon as a project has been put on hold. This is due to continued disputes between the server managers and the RageMP developers, of which Paragon is part of. The project is not likely to resurface.

Medieval RP
Medieval RP is an up-coming server built from the ground up by a good friend of mine known as Dignity. Although I haven't taken an official role in the development of the server I have helped out here and there with resources and graphics. The header you see on their forums, along with the forum software, were both created and sourced by myself. Additionally, I'm in the process of creating an unofficial user control panel for all accounts related to the server that will be packed with features, as well as an eye-catching website front page. Feel free to click the links below and browse for yourself:
(WIP) Website
(WIP) UserPanel

30/01/19: The Medieval Roleplay project has been placed on hold by it's developers. This is due to the developers working on another server under the same band (Tavern Gaming). The developers have decided to focus more on Wild West Roleplay (link to forums) and once that is released and stable, they will be returning to Medieval RP.

The v1 layout was the first one used under the BLUMAN.net name and domain. I wanted something fairly quick to make that had easy enough Javascript elements such as the inline-load and colour changer. I personally liked the layout but it was just screaming 2010 from everywhere. The layout was clunky and wasn't optimised well for mobile devices. In the end I decided to revamp the whole site for Halloween and then changed it to a standard red/black layout that works well with every device and resolution.
Click here to view the original V1 layout.
I originally decided to save a few things regarding the old Next Generation Gaming server as "New Generation Gaming" had been started up but was ran by a trio of tyrants. I wanted to preserve some history with the server and over the course of a few weeks, turned months, I eventually began to need more space to store things. This is when I decided to move each individual group to their respective page and started playing around with scripts to make page building more fun and less time consuming. In the beginning it was a huge file consisting purely of HTML, however over time and through frequent updates it has become it's own self-standing service. I never advertised myself as the creator of the project until the end of February when I discovered NGG was making a comeback.
Click here to view the live website.

PlanetSport is an upcoming project I thought of while bored one day. Although it's probably been replicated a couple hundred/thousands of times, I thought it would be fun nonetheless. This would be a great project for me to get hands on with and I'll be utilising ancient practices (all the way back to 2010!) to spice it up, including numerous RSS feeds being sent back and forth for everything sports related; a marquee news ticker underneath the navigation bar; sub-headers relevant to each respective sport and it's very own community.
Everything will be built up from the ground and will be the first time I properly work on an advanced user system which will, in turn, include staff ranks and cool features such as personal banners and images when commenting or interacting with other users.
Click here to visit the PlanetSport project.

09/11/18: I have placed the project on hold due to having other commitments. Due to being in the foundation stages, I thought it would be better to focus on other things. I have no idea when this will return to development status.
08/04/19: I have retired this project in favour of a re-imagined version, 'no more overtime'.

TheConnectorsPlace is a group of friends that have survived since the end of Next Generation Gaming. They have since started their own server project and have requested me to build a user control panel. I've already created a splash page for the website that will hopefully attract some keen eyes and will be starting on the user panel shortly. The aim of the panel is not just for user's in-game profiles but also to integrate all staff work and announcements into one place. Developers will be able to submit test cases to be performed and players will be able to create reports, suggestions and ban appeals all in the same place.
Click here to view TheConnectorsPlace website.
The UCP is still under private development.

22/01/2019: The UCP has been placed on hold. This is due to the community owners debating the future of the server. Any issues concerning the server are out of my hands and the project will not continue unless a decision has been made.
11/02/2019: The project was confirmed to be scrapped. I have since been approached by another community who have asked to use the UCP that would otherwise be binned.
26/04/2019: The UCP has been added into it's own page below, under the title Bluman Control Panel.

The BLUMAN v2 layout is the one currently being used now. Taking inspiration from contemporary Bootstrap-utilised designs, the layout is light and easy to use throughout every resolution and any device. Below are a few images of themes that have been used for the new layout, including any current ones.

Wild West RP is a revival of a former server that was created by the developers of Medieval RP. Due to the small team of committed developers and the vast features of both servers, the management team decided to revive the original WWRP project whilst still working on MRP. I have recently been invited to join their web development team and brought with me the unique, CDN-free user panel I've been creating on the side.
Click here to view the most recent screenshot.

26/04/2019: The UCP has been added into it's own page below, under the title Bluman Control Panel.

No more overtime (stylised as no more overtime) is the offspring of an original project I created by the name of PlanetSport. No more overtime is essentially an rss-based site (with planned login and social capabilities) that grabs all the latest gaming, sporting, automotive and technology news from around the world and throws them all onto a single location. The long term plan for this project is to enable user accounts and personalisaton options such as theme changes and specific sports you'd like to hear from the most. There are plans for a mobile/tablet device version in the future although development won't start until the finalisation of the website project.
Click here to view the most recent screenshot.

You may have noticed a few renditions of projects which look fairly similar to each other, albeit with different colour palettes. Well that would be a user control panel originally created for Vice City Roleplay by TheConnectorsPlace. During the development span the project has been held under various names so I decided to bank them all under one single project - as the final product will be marketed as BluCP. Halfway through development, VC:RP unexpectedly closed so the project was put on hold indefinitely until I was approached by Dignity and asked to restart the UCP under the banner of Wild West Roleplay. All was going well until development dropped significantly, I couldn't keep up with demand as I was busy with work so I ultimately passed all the files on to Dignity and allowed him the freedom to mess around with it from there.
Fast forward a few months and I decided to restart the project, except I didn't know what to market it as. In the end I settled for a Las Venturas theme as it allowed for a nice colourful palette and gave me a basis in which to work off. Below are images consisting of the UCP through various renditions, including VC:RP, WW:RP and LV:RP.
Click here to view a timelapse of the UCP.
This is just a script I created to be able to update graphics threads on forums I frequent. It automatically populates all images in the selected directory and will throw them all into the textarea ready with BBCode.

Click here to view the source code.
I was playing around with PHP datetime on a previous project last year when I realised I could manipulate stylesheets according to the user's time and date. The script I created currently only accommodates to stylesheets that already exist and are mainly seasonal (Halloween, Christmas and New Year). At some point in the future I will be creating a fully dynamic stylesheet that changes according to the current time, weather and season. You can test this out yourself by changing the system time and refreshing the page, or feel free to take a look at the examples below.

Click here to view the source code.
A script I've been playing around with personally and which is used throughout my site is image automation population. Through a set of multi-dimensional arrays, the script reads each page accordingly and populates each page individually with images sourced through that array's specified directory. This is done via two foreach loops which first loop through the original array and then a second loop to iterate over every single image (sourced from that array's directory) to then produce every image, through every array, onto every page (div area).

This script is utilised through different parts of the site aswell, such as the 'projects' area - where each page is iterated through and pulls: a description (sourced from an external file), a logo (from the logos directory) and preview pics (from the previews directory).

Click here to view the source code.
I decided to play around with query strings in URLs and thought of an automated gallery that would query the character name entered in the URL. If a character name is added as a directory in the 'screens' folder, it will be displayed at the top navigation (with the underscore omitted) and any images in that folder will be displayed as thumbnails for that particular character.
Click here to view the gallery.
Click here to view the source code.